pre order

### Pre-Order FAQs

**Q: How do I pre-order products on your website?**

A: Pre-ordering products is simple. Visit our website, select the product you wish to pre-order, and proceed to checkout. You can choose your preferred payment method to complete the pre-order process.

**Q: What payment options are available for pre-ordering?**

A: You have two payment options for pre-ordering:
1. Pay the full amount upfront.
2. Make an advance payment of 10% of the total order value to secure your booking.

**Q: When will my pre-ordered product arrive?**

A: The estimated stock arrival date for each product is provided under the product details on our website. Pre-ordered products will be dispatched as soon as they arrive at our Bangalore, India warehouse.

**Q: Can I pre-order using Cash on Delivery (COD)?**

A: Yes, you can pre-order with COD by selecting the advance Cash on Delivery option. This requires a 10% advance payment of the total order value to confirm your order and facilitate dispatch.

**Q: What is the cancellation policy for pre-ordered items?**

A: You can cancel your pre-order if there is a delay in the shipment arrival or dispatch beyond the specified date mentioned under the product on our website.